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About us

Who We Are

Established in March 2021, Pharm Suisse, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PG Group, is Malaysia’s First Fully Online Pharmaceutical Company that offers a wide range of medical, healthcare as well as beauty and wellness products and services catered to the growing needs of domestic and international markets. 

Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019, businesses around the world, especially retails were forced to go through a paradigm shift towards digitization in order to survive. And of all industries, pharmaceutical was one of the thriving businesses in the world amid to pandemic. With this, being an entrepreneur with strong business acumen, the Founder and Executive Chairman of PG Group, Dato' Wira Louis Ng saw a great opportunity to introduce the First Ever Fully Online Pharmaceutical Company in Malaysia, Pharmsuisse, to offer locals a perfect alternative to shop for medicine - prescriptive and non-prescriptive, healthcare, as well as beauty and wellness products online, at a highly competitive retail price and great convenience, all under a one-stop world-class digital pharmacy setting.

Managed by a team of highly experienced professionals from diverse medical as well as health and fitness backgrounds, Pharm Suisse sets its standards high by adhering to stringent international guidelines for medical and healthcare, offering customers that most reliable, genuine and best quality products and services within the digital healthcare industry.

Onboard Pharm Suisse are renowned healthcare brands that are well- trusted and preferred by local community of respective regions, these brands are carefully handpicked based on consumer consumption patterns, social media feedbacks as well as market behaviour and trends data generated by localized up-to-date market research reports. On top of that, Pharm Suisse also ensures that all its products are sources from legitimate suppliers. With this, customers can be rest assured of the authenticity of products, while prices are always competitively low because of its fully online nature, whereby it does not need to match the product price at its own physical stores. The price of products at physical stores is usually much higher than cost price due to incurring store rental. At Pharm Suisse, the satisfaction and confidence of customers towards its products and services is of utmost priority.

Pharm Suisse prides itself at selling only genuine and high quality medical, healthcare as well as beauty and wellness products. And with the company's rapid growth and commendable innovation, Pharm Suisse is set to take on the next leap into diversifying its range of pharmaceutical products as well as providing online medical consultation and prescription by certified pharmacists, making it a truly remarkable one-stop fully online pharmaceutical supplier in Malaysia.

Currently, Pharm Suisse has an official online store on PGMall, the leading homegrown online marketplace in Malaysia that ranked Third Most Visited Online Marketplace in Malaysia by iPrice, among two other foreign-owned brands, with 4.09 million web visits per month in year 2020 and 7.83 million web visits per month in year 2021, making it the No.1 Local e-Commerce Platform in Malaysia for two consecutive years. To date, PGMall has garnered over 7,830,000 network visits with a customer base of 3 million every month, and ‍is still‍ growing.

Based on its preliminary partnership with PGMall, Pharm Suisse has benefitted substantially from PGMall’s unprecedented monthly traffics and high brand visibility, to which Pharm Suisse has achieved a monthly income of RM300,000 within just 3 months onboard PGMall in April 2021. At this unprecedented growth rate, Pharm Suisse is set to enter Southeast Asian market, followed by global market in no time.  


Company Vision

To become the First, Largest and Most Reliable Fully Online Pharmaceutical Supplier in the World.

Company Mission

To be the World’s Pioneer and Market Leader for fully online pharmaceutical supplies – strives to supply only the highest quality and genuine products at competitively low retail price, paired with world-class service at great convenience under a remarkable digital Pharmacy setting.